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About Gilbert Law Ltd

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Who are we?

Gilbert Law Ltd is Northern Irelands oldest established Security and Investigative company which was founded in 1889.

Under the expert guidance of John Montgomery, the company specialises in both private and commercial investigations.

The company can call upon virtually unlimited experience through previous law enforcement in Northern Ireland, including criminal investigations, covert and overt operational duties,conflict resolution skills, in both domestic and large-scale situations.

Corporate Vision

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"...Our vision is to make Gilbert Law a high profile, trusted and respected brand throughout the National Security and Event Planning industry and to make a significant impact on International Security matters..."

Mission Statement

In every area of our operations, we have developed our approach to business to benefit our customers and consumers and ensure their total protection.

Our mission statement is broken down into key areas;

  • Quality
  • Our operational structure has been developed to ensure a bespoke approach to the needs of every client, whilst being able to ensure efficiency and competence in service delivery.

    We work to the international standards in every area of operations to demonstrate our ability to constantly better the services provided to clients and consumers.

  • Staff
  • We deliver our services through a team of loyal and dedicated staff who fully embrace our open door management structure and our company goals. All staff have a training and career progression plan to enhance our service delivery and offer them short and long term objectives to enhance their skillset.

  • Development
  • Gilbert Law are committed to developing our company to constantly meet the ever changing needs of the Security Industry and our clients, ranging from the introduction of the latest technologies, to additional accredited training. We develop our entire area of operations with proven beneficial results to clients.

  • Community
  • Gilbert Law strategically aligns itself with local organisations, Police and multiple stakeholders throughout the country to make our operational areas a safer place.

  • Corporate Image
  • To support the development of our brand we have established a clear identify that shows through our uniform, vehicles, website and associated branding. All staff are aware of how important our brand is to us and this also supports a professional and reassuring image to consumers.

  • Value
  • Offering clients value for money by operating within specified budgetry constraints.

Recent News

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May 2022 - The Gilbert Law Group are proud to announce that we have forged a Strategic alliance with a UK Company specialising in TSCM (Technical Surveillance Counter Measures)

This UK Company comprises a team of experts in the field technical experience and training in TSCM through many years work within government services. The equipment used adheres to the top specifications and can be used to sweep a range of facilities including buildings and vehicles. Searches can be made for trackers, cameras & audio devices (up to 8GHz) using technical equipment and integrated with physical searches.

  • Counter Eavesdropping and Bug Sweeps
  • Corporate Counter Eavesdropping Advice & Training
  • Buildings, Vehicles & Personal Property

If you would like further information relating to these services, please don’t hesitate to contact us on our Contact page or direct to Al Hudson on 07709 099641

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The Gilbert Law Group are proud to announce a further expansion of our expertise in the areas of Legal Technology and Litigation support with the recent acquisition of Bramley Legal.

Cecil Brownlee has joined the team as Senior Investigator and brings with him unrivaled expertise in the fields of:

  • Legal Technology and Litigation Support
  • Fraud Management
  • Construction Contracts Monitoring (CCM)
  • Monitoring Criminality within Construction Industry

Cecil has worked with the Serious Fraud Office and has acted as Principal Coordinator for a number of high-profile, national serious fraud cases.

Confidentiality policy

Clients can be assured that all contact with Gilbert Law & Co Ltd. Investigators will be treated in the strictest confidence.

Gilbert Law Ltd is registered under The Data Protection Act.


John, Roland and Cecil are Members of the
Association of British Investigators

VAT Number: 839 9532 74


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