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Services offered by Gilbert Law Ltd

  • Undercover evidence and intelligence procurement
    • Your business is of great interest to competitors. Gilbert Law are experts in anti-surveillance and technical counter-surveillance measures to ensure your interests are protected.
    • Gilbert Law also operate within the confines of current privacy laws and legislation, to provide the intelligence which you may require.
  • Insurance fraud and profit protection investigations
    • Insurance Fraud.
    • Intellectual Property Theft investigation.
    • Counterfeit products in markets and retail locations.
    • Identification of counterfeit distribution networks, individuals and manufacturing locations.
  • Risk assessments
    • Gilbert Law provides a thorough assessment of the risks to your business and plans and tests countermeasures to protect you from those risks.
  • Asset and Vehicle Tracking
    • Gilbert Law offer extensive GPS - asset and vehicle tracking solutions using the latest military grade hardware.
  • Technical Security
    • Gilbert Law is at the forefront of integrating security technology into business operations.
    • We provide expert advice, design, installation, management and maintenance of a wide variety of systems using the very latest innovation.
    • Counter electronic surveillance sweeps and device installation.
      Gilbert Law are pleased to announce that in order to provide the very best in counter eavesdropping services which include TSCM (Technical Surveillance Counter Measures) & bug sweeps. We have strategically aligned ourselves with a UK Company of experts in the field who possess a skilled team of professionals with technical experience and training in TSCM through many years work within government services.
      The equipment used adheres to the top specifications and can be used to sweep a range of facilities including buildings and vehicles. Searches can be made for trackers, cameras & audio devices (up to 8GHz) using technical equipment and integrated with physical searches.
      If you would like further information relating to these services, please don’t hesitate to contact us on our Contact page or direct to Al Hudson on 07709 099641
  • Event Security and Management
    • Gilbert Law can support existing Uniform Staff or work independantly to detect, record and counteract all common problems which occur at large public gatherings.
    • A covert surveillance team can investigate potential problem areas and conduct an assessment to ascertain the necessity for visible Uniform Security.
  • Legal Technology and Litigation Support
    • Gilbert Law & Co. provides a service of Legal Technology & Litigation support to Solicitors and Barristers at Law. We are experts in courtroom presentation technology for hearings, mediations, arbitrations or trial.
  • Courtroom Presentation Software
    • Gilbert Law & Co. is a Northern Ireland leader in digital imaging solutions that will enable your company to reduce costs and improve productivity through high performance document retrieval.
  • VIP escort and protection
    • Gilbert Law provides professionally trained, SIA Licensed Staff for the Corporate Business and the Entertainment Industry.
  • Personal service summons and affidavits
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Gilbert Law have forged strategic business alliances with the following:

  • Northern Ireland Government Departments
  • PSNI
  • An Garda Síochána
  • Dublin City Council
  • 3Arena
  • Iridium Security London